What Happens in September

What happens in September?

When the artificially inflated employment rate meets the end of the wage subsidy?

When the average family of four no longer has an additional $2950.00 of disposable income?

When we have made a few attempts to gently reopen the border?

When we have dealt with a few new outbreaks from this Pandemic?

We’re still in this marathon and at any moment it can turn into a sprint again.

Andy Grove titled his most important book: “Only the Paranoid Survive: Identify the Crisis Points that Challenge Every Business.”

It is safe to say we’re all at an inflection point and we will hit many more on this journey.

You need a healthy degree of stress and anxiety to run a successful organization. The emotions act as a forcing function for action.

What do your projections look like during the dance? What happens to them if we have 2 or 3 shelter-in-place mandates?

Are you watching for the customer trends in your industry and around the world?

Are you asking the right questions?

Do you have the right cadence of meetings to keep the long term in view while navigating the short and mid term?

    Matt Symes
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    June 11, 2020
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