Your culture will be defined who you hire, fire, promote, and tolerate.

Your culture will be defined who you hire, fire, promote, and tolerate.

“Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast.” As the famous Peter Druker saying goes… But most leaders don’t understand the levers.

Most hire too quickly, fire too slowly, promote the wrong people, and tolerate for too long.

I’ve made all of these mistakes mulitple times over the last decade. I hope this helps you skip a few.

We tend to default to comptency rather than character in our assessments of people.

This is all unintentional.

It is easier to see qualifications and skill than it is to get your head around the influence of character.

Who you Promote tells the organization what gets recognized.

Who you Fire tells the organization where the line is.

The silent killer:
Who you Tolerate shows the organization the minimal level of work and the lattitude on behaviours that you’re willing to accept without acting.

The missed opportunity:
Who you Hire either multiplies the impact of what you’re delivering or taxes the organization.

Take your time adding to the team. Define it well, understand how you’ll interview – what questions will inform your understanding of them as a person. How will you triangulate your opinon? What personality assessments will you use to challenge your impressions?

Taking your time to hire does not mean hiring slowly. It simply means you’ve got a process in place to set you up for success from day 1.

What you say does not matter nearly as much as the actions you execute on in support of those words.

It’s only a war on talent for organizations who don’t get the equation right.

And the mistakes are costly – some estimate the total impact to be as high as 5x salary.

I’m learning every day how to be a bit better at creating the environment for a results oriented & compassionate culture.

What are you doing to build your culture?

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    Jan 18, 2022