What problem do you solve?

What problem do you solve? For who? What is the value of solving that problem?

For some organizations, your product/service is worth millions. For others thousands. For others, nothing at all.

I see it all the time – “Charge what you’re worth.”

But what you’re worth is different to different clients.

In a strategy session with a 50m company last year, we unearthed a 600k quick hit. It took them 1 day to implement. that’s 600k in net profit added to the bottom line annualized.

I can use that same methodology with a 1m company. It takes the same amount of time to walk through the strategic process but there is no chance we will unlock 600k of value. Maybe 60 – 100k but not 600k.

The reality is, that our strategic services are worth more to larger organizations. We use the same process and it takes about the same amount of time, but it has more value to larger organizations. And, in alignment with that, we charge more for that service.

Do you understand your organization outside-in from the value you create? Or are you looking at it inside out from the effort you put in?

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    May 10, 2022