What narrative are you telling yourself?

What narrative are you telling yourself?

One common thread among successful people is how they mobilize their past to support their future.

I was listening to an excellent podcast (Mastering Scale with Reid Hoffman & Mark Cuban).

It is not the wins that define you.

It’s how you embrace the setbacks.

Do you handle them with the humility and grace of a student?

Or are you hellbent on deflection, rationalization, and the assignment of judgment?

Only those that are able to isolate the event and move past the initial emotion can find meaningful significance in the lesson.

How you frame your past is your choice.

If you’re anything like me, redefining those significant moments – particularly the dark moments – allow you to draw on them, not as a source of sorrow and regret, but as a source of strength.

You define your narrative!

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    April 6, 2021