What are you dedicated to?

In a world of abundance and infinite optionality, we have to consciously make a choice.

Most refuse. Always waiting for something slightly better to come along.

But think about anyone you admire. They have given their time to a purpose greater than themself. And they have done so over the long-haul.

We don’t want to commit, because we might miss out on something better. The result is that we spend far too many minutes of our lives wandering without compounding our knowledge and our impact.

Pete Davis – https://lnkd.in/ev3fvzic – invites into a counterculture of commitment. One where we leave behind what Zygmunt Bauman called Liquid Modernity – A state of constant mobility where we belong to no one and nothing.

Some of the most important lessons:

1. Commitment = True Freedom. The freedom to focus, the freedom to say no, the freedom to give yourself fully to an endeavor.

2. “Commitment transforms our desires…the structure our world, giving us authority to respect, myths in which to see ourselves, and communities in which we have a voice.” It gives us meaning.

3. “Depth is sweeter than novelty.” The journey is more rewarding.

4. It is never a straight shot. It requires we till the soil long before we reap the benefits. Or as Martin Luther King Jr. Said “…It is like curving around a mountain when you are approaching city. Often it feels as though you were moving backward, and you lose sight of your goal; but in fact you are moving ahead, and soon you will see the city again, closer by.”

5. “Change needs dedicated gardeners…”

What are you truly committed to?

You won’t regret the 8 minutes you spend on Pete’s Video.

You also won’t regret his book.

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    Oct 3, 2021