We Live in a World Where Most Don't Listen

We live in a world where most don’t listen.

And that likely includes you.

In a recent study, 96% of people said they were always or sometimes good listeners. In that same group, less than 44% could remember half of what they had just heard.

We get worse as we age. In a test where the teacher stopped mid lesson and asked the kids to describe what the teacher was talking about, 90% of first and second graders were correct. By Middle School, only 44% answered correctly. In a different listening test of adults, they found slightly worse results to the middle school students.

And men are worst of all. Women consistently beat men on listening experiments by 15% plus.

But even at our best, when we’re warned we’re going to be tested, most women only catch 2/3rds of what is being said. Men catch just 49%.

Are you listening to confirm your assumption or are you genuinely seeking to understand?

Are you listening to respond?

Are you intently listening or distracted by the squirrel?

Are you consistently interrupting?

Are you asking follow-up questions to clarify?

Are you formulating a judgement/conclusion as they are speaking or are you listening compassionately?

What compounds the listening problem is the general failure to communicate effectively.

If you’re going to lead, you need to be able to listen and communicate. What are you doing to actively work on those skills?

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    September 24, 2022