We Can't Control That!

We can’t control that!TIt’s not fair to judge us by that.

The therapists told us that when patients cancel, they cancel. They can’t control that.

The teachers told us that most of the child’s academic success happens in the home, we can’t control the parents.

You’re right – You can’t control that!

But you can influence it.

And if you know it is the right thing to do.

And if the success of your mission or your company relies on that influence, you find a way.

For the teachers, a simple text message to the parents three days before the test prompted them to ask their child more about their schoolwork and dramatically raised grades. Especially those at the bottom end of the achievement scale. Why? Well because those parents really care and want more for their children. They just did not know how to engage with their child (oh and they’ve been working two jobs just to put food on the table).

For the Therapist, it was as simple as a reminder call, a text message, and a “last-minute” list of patients who would take their spot to get in sooner.

Waste no more time and emotion on “fairness” and “control”.

It is time to take responsibility for things that you need to happen.

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    March 1, 2021