Today we reflect

Today we reflect, we educate ourselves, and we contribute to making a positive step forward with the First Nations.

Earlier this week, we sent out a list of resources for our team to begin to engage with National Truth & Reconciliation Day.

I’m grateful to Krista Ross and the good work by the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce for an incredible list of resources to engage meaningfully.

This morning we started with former Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and current MP Jake Stewart who offered a candid window into the very real systemic issues we face as a society.

He implored us to hold space for generational trauma, to be kind, and to be engaged in the healing process.

We took up the challenge put out by John Wishart and The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Moncton | La Chambre de commerce pour le Grand Moncton to support First Nations charities.

Our day job involves helping to change and improve systems. You can’t do it without true reflection.

You also can’t do it without action.

We’ve taken our first step forward. It is not our last.

Thank you Evie Bannister and Barbara Preston for helping us navigate our first steps on this journey.

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    Sep30, 2021