Today is One of the Easiest 86 Days to Start Fresh

Today is one of the easiest 86 days to start fresh.

The fresh start effect is real.

And let’s face it – in some part of life, we’re all looking for a fresh start.

Katy Milkman (who conducted the initial study with fellow scholars) has done an incredible job laying this out in “How to Change”

A fresh start can be an incredible boost forward.

Here are the other 85 days include:

The first day of every other month (12),

Every Monday (52),

The first day of each changing season (4).

National celebrations (yesterday for us Canadians).

Any religious holidays.

You birthday.

the first day of school.

the first day of a new job.

Any anniversaries you have.

And the day you finish a project.


Momentum is hard enough to curate. Don’t waste a fresh start.

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    July 2, 2022