This is Worth the Read

Thank you Ryan Holiday – Your curiosity about life has greatly enriched mine.

Worth the Read: 35 Lessons On the Way to 35 Years Old

A few I really liked:

“The last few years are an important reminder that good leaders/correct ideas fail without good communication and bad leaders/abhorrent ideas can find serious traction with good communication. It’s not enough to be right. You have to be able to sell it.”

“Modern life is hard. Just think of all the things people have to know how to do today—from technology to the unwritten rules of polite society. Think of all the information thrown at a person from the moment they wake up. Think of the emotional acuity required to operate in daily life today. When you understand this, and how incredibly unequipped many people (see: some whole generations) are for this, it should help you be a lot more patient. They just can’t handle it. That explains so much of their behavior. Doesn’t excuse but it exposes.”

“Most people would rather argue about reality than do something about reality.”


“Despair and cynicism only contribute to the problem. Hope, good faith, a belief in your own agency? These are the traits that drive the change that everyone else has declared to be impossible.”

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    May 28, 2022