This is impact!

I’m so impressed with the team at Community Haul.

The purpose is clear: To Celebrate Local. To Connect those who want to support local to those creating value in our community.

The story started in April of 2020, the design process was finished by early June, the launch happened in September.

We knew absolutely nothing about running a subscription service but along the way we learned. Most important, we wanted to help.

275k directly back into the local economy
30k to the IWK Foundation
6000 boxes
Incredible community partners Dartmouth Adult Services Centre and LakeCity Works

The Halo Effect is much bigger! Bottom Line: $73 of every $100 spent stays here when you support local (versus $14).

Keely Wallace has done an outstanding job stewarding year 1.

Bee Stanton and her incredible design skills served as the inspiration for the original design and she has led the designs since Neil Stephen handed over the branding package.

Carling Course has not only moved to NS to join our team but has driven the marketing program. Holly Dunn got us the PR attention. And Heather Brewer MBA, PMP has guided this marketing strategy from the start.

Dylan, Nicole WhiteSarah Levandier, and Alicia Landry helped bring a concept alive in the critical launch days.

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    Aug 10, 2021