This has been a tough year.

This has been a tough year.

Perhaps no one has felt the sting harder than our seniors.

It saddens me that so many will spend the holidays without the touch or the comfort of loved ones.

That’s why I’m so impressed by the efforts of the¬†We Are Young (WAY)¬†group!

They have a campaign to combat loneliness this holiday and they’re hoping to send 2000 Christmas cards to seniors alone over the holidays.

The best part is it’s only 5 bucks.

I asked my team to take a moment to write a unique card and offered for them to expense the $5.00.

This is what I wrote in my card:

“I know this year has been an exceptionally tough year. And it is especially hard on you! Please know that somewhere, someone is thinking of you and the incredible life you’ve led. That person is me! I hope you spend some time this holiday season thinking about the incredible memories you’ve accumulated over a lifetime and find joy in reliving the happy moments over and over again!

Happy holidays,


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    December 7, 2020