There are three days in a person's life

There are three days in a person’s life. Yesterday, Someday, and Today.

Yesterday is nostalgic. The stories get grander, the fish bigger, and the details hazier. Are you still living there? Are you caught in yesterday? Was your greatest moment two decades ago?

Someday is that mythical future state. Someday, you’ll run that marathon. Someday, you’ll write that book. Someday… and someday never comes. Because there is no plan.

And then we have today.

Today is the only day we can control. The day we convert intention to action. The day we live with intentionality. There are no insignificant conversations. There are no little decisions. Each intentional use of time and each interaction has a ripple effect.

We are all given the same 84,600 seconds. What will you do with that precious time?

EO Canada and EO Atlantic Canada have given me the gift of a network and a series of learning opportunities that have changed my life.

I’m always so grateful for the time I get to spend with Warren Rustand. Though we have only spent a total of 14 hours together, beyond my father and grandfather, he has had the single biggest influence on my life. Thank you for coming to Halifax and sharing your wisdom, your time, and your reflections.

Thank you for challenging us to be more.

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    May 19, 2022