The Trust Wager

Bill Lazier called it the Trust Wager.

I’ve learned to always start from a position of trust. No one has to earn it with me. They have it from the beginning of our relationship.

It is true that people are not always trustworthy. It is true that you will get burned from time to time.

But Bill, who was Jim Collins mentor, said it is about understanding the upside and the downside.

If you’re always protecting against the downside, you’ll rarely experience the upside.

Bill also asked Jim “you ever considered the possibility that not everybody is one or the other but because you trust them at that outset, they are more likely to become trustworthy because you trust them?”

As Bill said: “I’ve come to the conclusion … that there is far more upside to an opening bid of trust, and there is far more downside to an opening bid of mistrust.”

“The very, very best people will respond to the bid of trust. The best people will be attracted to that, and you want the best people to be attracted.”

And quite frankly, It is just a better world to live in.

The tax you pay is minimal compared to the upside of starting with an opening bid of trust.

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    August 2, 2022