The paradox of leadership

The paradox of leadership.

Today’s delivery vs. Tomorrow’s opportunity.

bottom line vs. top line

Outside-In focus on the customer and marketplace vs. Inside-out focus on the workplace and care of colleagues.

change & agility vs. stability & consistency of delivery

self-care vs. care of others

I was scrambling to write these down as  listed them on a recent podcast. Then he helpfully posted this graph in the comment section.

We’ve used his work, for the past decade, to help organizations define their organizations outside-in from the value they create for their customers.

His most recent work on the Market Oriented Ecosystem – Reinventing the Organization – is a must read for anyone who leads an organization larger than 13 people. I’m grateful my brother, and business partner Mark Symes, nudged me to read it.

Leading is all about embracing, managing, and leading through paradox.

What’s right in one situation may be wrong in another.

The first step is recognizing there are competing pressures. And that’s okay. They are supposed to be there.

Embrace the tension of leadership.

Find strength in the Paradox.

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    April 11, 2022