The numbers are unfathomable

The numbers are unfathomable – 119m infected, 2.6m lives lost.

In Canada, more than 22k lives lost.

And yet it is hard to derive meaning from the numbers.

Last week, my cousin, Ben Symes, lost his battle with Covid-19.

This is not an ask for sympathy. We were not particularly close.

But it is a moment of reflection.

He was a devoted family man.

He leaves a son who is graduating high school and a daughter in University. I know how much I relied on my dad (Merv Symes) for important conversations as I navigated early adulthood. They will not have that same luxury.

He leaves this earth before his parents. As a father, it feels deeply unnatural. The pain that my Great Uncle and Aunt are going through has to be gutting.

The impact of COVID-19 is a little heavier this week. In these moments, I revert to the wise words of Ray Dalio – Pain + Reflection = Progress.

There is one certainty for all of us – death.

Are you making the most of the journey?

Are you taking a few extra moments to embrace the interactions with those that mean the most?

Are you conscious of your impact?

Last night, I delayed my usual prep to share a dance with my daughter (three of them to be precise) and a smile with my partner Emily Dugas. I’m going to do more of that.

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    March 15, 2021