The Brain is a Creative Engine, Not a Cabinet

The brain is a creative engine.

It is not a cabinet.

If you’re going to get the best of your reflections you must write them down.

You have to have a place where they will be safe.

And you must have a time when you slow down and review them.

Author David Allen calls it the someday maybe list. That’s a great name for your personal list.

In organizations, we call it the hopper.

The human ability to imagine is infinite, time is not.

You will find success early by saying yes often.

You will find success later by saying no most of the time.

A life of starting many things and excelling/progressing at very few is unfulfilling and frustrating.

I prefer JOMO – The Joy of Missing Out.

And then I get to embrace the journey on the selected few paths I’m walking.

Happy Long Weekend!

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    September 16, 2022