Social media is not harmful to you.

Social media is not harmful to you.

It amplifies what you curate and consume.

Sensationalizing addiction and negativity does a disservice to the positives it can bring to your life. (Want the academic study on this – instead of the Netflix docudrama – check out this Harvard Study: https://lnkd.in/efvMjiS)

Who are you following?

What are you liking and saving?

Let’s get the engine working for us!

The algorithms are designed to give you more of what you engage with.

I’m an entrepreneur, a runner, and I love my family.

I love gorgeous photography, unique locations in the world with water views, quirky cabins in the middle of the woods, and thought leaders who challenge my understanding of the world.

What is your purpose?
What matters in your life?
What activities spark that creativity?
What motivates you?
How are you challenging yourself?

Find the influencers and hashtags that support this version of you.

Start following those individuals
Save your likes for those images

More than ever before you are responsible for the curation of the information that end up in your feeds.

Make them work for you!

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    January 10, 2021