Social media is an incredible tool.

Social media is an incredible tool.

Like most tools, we must learn how to use it.

Remember it is an Echo Chamber if we’re not careful.

The platforms win when they monetize our usage.

Information is free. Access to Value Creation has never been more accessible.

Separating the Signal from the Noise has never been more difficult.

Most learning happens when new information collides with our understanding of the world and creates a tension point between what we thought we knew and what is now in front of us.

At this point, the vast majority of the world chooses to be comfortable.

And the social media algorithms are designed to feed us what we’ll click on. What we click on and engage with cements our world views. Marshall McLuhan coined the effect in 1964 when he said “The Message is the Medium.”

What we’re seeing in the US right now, where 74% of Republicans believe in widespread voter fraud, is an example of that danger.

If you’re not aware of the game, you’ve already lost.

If you understand the game, the world has never been more accessible.

Mathematics and science were the core skills of the 20th Century.

Literacy and Critical Thinking are the most important skills of the 21st Century.

What are you doing to make it work for you

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    January 21, 2021