Remote Work is a Little Like the E-Book

Remote work is a little bit like the e-book.

It won’t eliminate office work (the paperback), but it certainly will shake up the market.

10% of employees value remote work to the tune of 25% of their total wage. That’s right some are choosing remote work at 25% less than they could be making in an office.

And we know that the sense of community – relatedness – that we all require in our lives as social beings is being rewritten.

As individuals, we’re wired to think we want optionality and flexibility, and yet we’re also paralyzed and exhausted by that volume of choice (for more on this see Barry Swarxthe Paradox of Choice).

This will take years to shake out, but we’re fundamentally altering the human experience and our relationship to work and community right now.

Shakespeare once said, “nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

If you’re casting judgment on organizations or individuals who are living a remote, hybrid, or in-person existence, you’re missing the point.

What is required now is reflection and intention.

It is critical that organizations get intentional about what they offer.

And that individuals get intentional about what they want.

This requires honest and meaningful reflection. And then do what’s best for you.

There is pretty good evidence that early in your career you benefit far more from an in-office experience with proximity to mentors and conversations that challenge you.

There is also pretty good evidence that introverts benefit from a Hybrid environment.

And there are those with family and other commitments that benefit from the time savings they get via Remote work.

In the end there will be the e-book, the audio book, and there will always be room for the traditional book.

The best part is you can live any way you like. The hard part is choosing.

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    September 20, 2022