Racki & Symes Podcast

It all started in August of 2020.

A quick coffee chat, founder to founder, with Kyle Racki

I had admired  from a distance. The way they had grown the company. The way he shared his lessons online.

The conversation was easy.

There was clear mutual respect.

Big talk, not small talk, happened quickly.

A confident humility to the interaction.

There was a natural curiosity.

It flowed.

We shared a few emails and met twice more for lunch over the next 18 months.

At that third meeting, Kyle mentioned we should do a podcast featuring these conversations. The back and forth, the lessons learned, and most importantly, the respectful but important disagreements.

There are many ways to get to 9.

I give credit to Kyle for the smooth part of the dialogue. He has a natural way of calming the waters without diluting the lesson or taking away from the productive conflict. That’s why he is a great leader.

On New Year’s eve, I sent Kyle a quick text and said, let’s do that podcast. We set a time every Friday am to meet and record.

The result is the Racki & Symes Podcast.

I hope you enjoy it. It is a free flowing conversation on leadership, scale, and the evolution of an organization.

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    March 29, 2022