Quiet Quitting is Not New

Quiet Quitting is not new.

It is a rebranded version of presenteeism.

Healthy boundaries – defined by you – are critical to a healthy life.

Work-life harmony is different for different people. And it is different in different seasons of life. There is no single right answer.

But showing up to work and mailing it in does no one any good.

You waste the hours away, aimlessly spending the best minutes of your life in exchange for a paycheck.

You don’t get that amazing feeling you earn when you’re working on something important.

You are opting out of the human connection and the energy that comes from joining a community of aligned and motivated colleagues.

You don’t get to experience the flow state that comes from living just outside your comfort zone acquiring skills and executing at the top of your game.

For the sake of your health and sense of self-worth, quiet quitting seems to me a poor life choice.

My profession is my vocation. I wake up every day inspired by the challenges I get to work on and by the people I get to work with. I wish you all the same feeling every day.

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    October 30, 2022