Plan the week!

Plan the week!

Own the day!

I love Sunday night. A perfect time to reflect on the previous week and get alignment on what matters next week.

I’ll share my regular routine:

1. A quiet moment of personal reflection and admin to clean up the clutter of my thoughts and my inbox. #grateful
2. Supper with the family (The larger family when we’re in Moncton).
3. Read a story to my daughter before her bedtime.
4. Meet with my EA to look at the work Calendar for the next two weeks in depth.
5. Sit down with my partner Emily Dugas to reflect on last week and plan next week. How are we all getting what we need next week?
6. A moment of Gratitude
7. Settle down with a book before lights out.

It’s not always perfect. But when we do this, there is very little conflict the following week and a lot less anxiety in the house.

Work-Life Harmony in a world of abundance and chaos can be hard. But it is a good hard!

Have a great week!

#gratitude #love #work #worklifeintegration

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    November 4, 2020