Nothing ever goes according to plan

If you are booked more than 80%, you’re creating chaos everywhere.

Nothing ever goes according to plan.

Sometimes it takes longer.

Sometimes it takes less time.

All variance creates opportunity.

Variance/Service, Variance/Task, Variance on Quality.

Now, you always want to end up at close to 100% weeks. But you can’t do it being booked 100%.

I’ve worked with too many organizations that are profitable per job, deliver significant impact, and they are losing or leaking money every week.

And weeks are perishable.

Do you know how much you’re losing per week?

How many clients have you had to say no to?

How many clients don’t get what they expected in the time frame you promised?

How many frustrations have you had last week because something did not get done on time and the way you thought?

The schedule will either drive results and learning or frustration.

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    April 5, 2022