No Success in Business Can Overcome Failure at Home

Moments Matter.

Our lives are nothing more than a series of moments that become memories to which we add meaning.

Part of my best life is being there for the family moments that matter most.

Today marked a transition. My 4-year old is off to her first day at school and Mom (Emily Dugas), Dad, Baby sister, Dampy (Merv Symes), and Nanna (Sheila Cameron) were there to see her off.

I took the first few hours off this morning so I could go with her for day 1.

Emily did such a magical job getting Ellington ready over the last few weeks for the day. She was involved in picking out her supplies, labeling all her items, and in beginning to understand the moment.

Chip Heath and Dan Heath wrote an important book on the Power of Moments. For a moment to be powerful, it must have one or more of the four elements: Elevation, Pride, Insight, and/or Connection. The one-pager is worth a read: (https://lnkd.in/gxXAVKcN)

Their research was geared toward organizations but they added a brilliant follow-up .pdf for creating moments with Family.

Warren Rustand once said, “No success in business can overcome a failure at home.” That means being present for moments that matter and celebrating them properly.

I believe in chasing big goals.

I believe in experiencing growth every day – that means living slightly outside your comfort zone consistently.

I believe in work-life harmony.

Work-Life harmony means curating and being present for the moments that matter.

This morning mattered.

I love you Ellington.

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    October 28, 2022