Need Bags for Retail.

Need Bags for Retail.

But don’t want waste? How about an Upcycled option?

We just brought in upcycled bags from greenii.ca – It is amazing what Purushothaman Cannane has developed.

We were delighted with how sturdy the bags are.

What a way to save the paper advertisement that is headed for the wasteland and increase our commitment to circularity at Epoch Chemistry Coffee Company.

Greenii Inc. is the perfect partner. I can’t wait to follow and support their journey as they scale and offer this region a more sustainable option for bagging!

A big thank you to Liam Floyd for his report in Huddle. Today and to the publication in general for putting so many of these refreshing stories online.

Our business connection is a direct result of your support for local business!

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    December 20, 2020