More is not more. More is different

More is not more. More is different.

If you aren’t making 30% plus EBIDTA at 1m in sales. DO… NOT…. SCALE… (yet).

The company is not ready.

you have to Optimize first.

When you’re 7 people or less, you can manage it by client, by job, by individual.

When you’re working with a team that ventures into the badlands between 1.8m – 5m in revenue, the measures of success change.

The levers of influence and leadership change.

You’re now managing customer mix, logistics, and competency matrices etc…

All of that takes a new level of skills.

Do you know your ideal mix of customers/jobs over the next 12 months?

Are you able to see Gross Margin per week?

Because of an effective scheduling process?

Is that supported by a few of the competency matrix of your people with good development plans?

There is a reason most – more than 93% – fail as they scale.

You may be the same company name delivering the same service/product.

But leading and managing it is a whole new game.

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    Feb 20, 2022