Mindset Matters. Moments Matter. And Representation Matters.

Mindset Matters. Moments Matter. And Representation Matters.

I had the incredible honor of sharing the stage with Olympic Gold Medalist Micah Zandee-Hart on Friday at BC Hockey‘s AGM.

As the first woman from British Columbia to win gold in Hockey, your voice carries weight.

As a father of a 4-year-old daughter, her talk hit the spot! It was a critical reminder.

Representation Matters. From the heroes you look up to (You had Colleen) to the first time you played on an all-girls team and what an important moment that was for you.

I will ensure my daughter is exposed to women who have conquered the hill and that she has the opportunity to grow with other young girls in her chosen passions.

Mindset Matters. When you said you wanted to be an Olympian – Your mother, your family, and your community embraced your dream. No one told you to aim lower – and it made all the difference in the world.

I will support my daughter’s dreams. Having people believe in you is a gift.

Moments Matter. We are the sum of the memories we give meaning too. Youth sports is about those moments. Championships are fun. Olympic Gold Medals are incredible. But Micah’s talk focused more on the lessons, the memories, and the life-long relationships she forged from Peninsula Minor Hockey through Cornell and onto the world’s biggest stage.

I will help my daughter sink into and reflect on the memories she creates and the relationships she curates.

Micah – You are wise beyond your 25 years. Your words hit home. My Partner Emily Dugas and I have much to reflect on. Thank you for taking on the responsibility of being a role model.

You are an inspiration!

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    May 1, 2022