Lowest Cost/Convenience vs. Biggest impact?

How are you making your Holiday purchase decisions this season?

Every gift you give has a bigger story.

And that story matters.

And I bet it will matter to the person who opens up the gift as well! The gift that keeps on giving. It is the thought that matters!

I know it takes more effort. I’m going through it myself right now. A local retailer I’m buying a gift from has no online store, they have no ability to pay by phone, and they can’t deliver. [to the business owners – please make this easier and invest in digital marketing/e-commerce!]

In the time it took to discover this, I could have had most of my shopping done. But that’s not the point, is it?

The nameless and faceless online retailers that have dominated the digital marketplace don’t help your community. They don’t provide the colour and the personality. They don’t feed the families. They aren’t your neighbours.

Even if you move 10% more toward local you’ll have a massive impact on rebuilding our local businesses and our community.

Where and how you choose to spend your dollars defines what matters to you.

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    December 1, 2020