Let's skip the box

Watch out for the boxes you put people in.

The way you meet someone. That first interaction has more influence than it should.

If you meet me on an improvement project, you’ll think I do process stuff.

If you see me giving a keynote, you’ll think I’m a motivational speaker.

If you see me in a cohort training session, you’ll think I’m a small business trainer.

If you see me with a 50m+ business working on strategy, you’ll think I do strategic plans.

If you meet me while I’m working with government, you’ll think I’m a public sector consultant.

If you meet me on a battlefield tour, you’ll think I’m an historian.

If you meet me in the middle of an acquisition, you’ll think I’m an angel investor or a venture capitalist.

If you meet me while I’m donating my time, you’ll think I’m a philanthropist of some ilk.

If you see me dancing with my daughter in the kitchen, you might think I’m a little off my rocker (or an involved dad).

Truth is, I’ve been involved in every one of those interactions in the past week alone.

And I’m always surprised when it gets reflected back to me that I’m x or y.

let’s skip the box. I know it is easier on the brain to classify people in a certain way. But it does a disservice to what they might be able to be in your life.

Happy Friday.

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    March 25, 2022