Leadership requires Empathy, Resilience, and Hope.

Leadership requires Empathy, Resilience, and Hope.

Empathy to meet everyone on the journey where they are.

True empathy means listening and feeling what the other feels. It does not mean commiserating or offering a silver lining.

Resilience to deal with many setbacks both you and the team will have.

Nothing goes according to the theoretical plan – but we all get there, if only we have the courage to get back up and keep moving. Churchill once said success was nothing more than “walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

Hope – Tomorrow can and will be better: For those you’re serving, for those your leading, and for yourself.

Your job is to help ground your team in the brutal facts of today, be grateful for how far we’ve come, and help orient the team toward a better tomorrow. Not much of significance has been done in this world without a commitment to a better tomorrow.

Always real, always forward. And with a kind heart.

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    February 15, 2021