Kat Cole just stopped me in my tracks!

A Humble leader, from humble origins who has executed for the last two decades, no matter the challenge.

I’ve been lost for the last 3 hours, reading and listening to everything I could find.

Some of the incredible lessons:

1. Do you understand the customer? Are you obsessed with them? And can you translate that to value?

2. For those early in their career, find an opportunity that will let you experience widely and deeply – Hooters of America was vertically integrated and scaling rapidly across the world. Kat got her start there and wow, what a story.

3. Be your own coach – 1. Picture a hotshot (Mr. Potatoe Head of Bad Assery), 2. Ask what they would do differently? 3. Act on it. The reflection loop, the vulnerability to learn, the bias to action.

4. Death of the middle – Are you healthy or indulgent? Commodity or Luxury? The fog of the middle is no longer desirable. Where do you stand?

5. Change – You will have to do it continuously. Do you have the discipline and competency to be flexible? Do you have the skills? Do you know how to build trust, face the brutal truth, involve stakeholders, make bold changes, and execute brilliantly?

6. Find the right partner(s) to grow – It can make all the difference personally, professionally, as a team, etc…

7. Lead with gratitude. Know your roots, but don’t let them define you.

8. Leaders need to make tough decisions – you can do it with kindness but you still have to make them. To make those decisions you have to know your priority!

9. Be there when it matters. Build that trust! And when you break it, do the right thing to rebuild it.

10. She lays out how she invests fully in her marriage – Emily Dugas and I will be adding to the way we connect.

Shane Parrish is one of the most curious humans on the planet and his interviews are always top-shelf. I never miss his newsletter from Farnam Street. His podcast with Kat started me down this rabbit hole – and I’m grateful. (https://lnkd.in/evcQ36n6)

A quick video on Goldman Sachs here: https://lnkd.in/e283J_kd

A 2014 Great Keynote – https://lnkd.in/eKQwyYBf

Here is an article on her daily routine: https://lnkd.in/e5hZUu2v

Everyone ought to engage – she reminds me of some of the strong female leaders like Lisa W Haydon MBA CEC CSPMiriam ZitnerChantal BrineMandy BujoldMartha CaseyKaylee HakeColleen BaxterCindy CarrollAmy WalshJean MacDougallKrista Han, CPA, CA, FEANancy MathisNancy MacCready-WilliamsLeslie GascoigneJanelle BourgeoisMariana CowanJenelle SobeyLeah Boody (Bishop), CPA, CMACourtney SherlockTara Miller, Q.C.Laura KanaanAngela WalkerChristine Doucet and so many more etc…

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    Sept 17, 2021