It isn't going to work out like you planned.

It isn’t going to work out like you planned.

It never will. And it shouldn’t.

You have aspirations.

You have a toolbelt.

And you have teammates and a network in your corner.

The process of creative abrasion means that forward momentum will not be smooth.

You will learn lessons along the journey. You will find strength in places you did know you had. People will step in and step up in a way you could not have predicted. And you will be a lighthouse for others as you trek forward.

Sure it might take longer and some people might disappoint you.

But that is the tax we pay for having aspirations.

And what’s the alternative? Stay put in the harbour? Stay cocooned in set of comfortable rituals and interactions that don’t light you up?

Find your Why.

Engage the tools you have.

Get focused on the first step.

And embrace the interactions and lessons along the way.

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    Jan 13, 2022