It is just a decision

It is just a decision.

Where do you put those precious minutes?

Are you chasing the scene?

Justifying and rationalizing YOLO?

I did for a while. It left me in a pretty dark place.

Now life is simple (some say boring).

I prioritize my family, I read, I run, and I help other reflect and make decisions. I make a few for myself.

I work on mastery a little bit every day.

Focused time with my little family (suppers, bedtime routines, daddy-daughter nights, and couples retreats).

Focused time building my strength for my next marathon.

Focused time on lateral learning (the books I engage with).

Focused time working towards mastery in my craft (strategic execution).

Focused time executing in an effort to co-create value.

This post came to me as I was getting ready for my run.

Happy Saturday.

I hope you’re spending the minutes in service of your own life by design and surrounding yourself with those you love and co-support.

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    March 26, 2022