Is Your Business Ready for the Low Touch Economy?

Is your business ready for the Low Touch Economy?

Your business will have to navigate three distinct phases over the next 16-36 months:

1. Survival during the worst of the Pandemic – Strategy, Liquidity, and the New Normal

2. The Low Touch Economy – The Pre-Vaccine period of lessening and tightening restrictions. (the next 16-24 months)

3. The Next Normal – Navigating changed customer buying habits post Vaccine.

There will be First Movers and there will be Fast Followers.

And then there will be the chasers

And finally there will be many who defer too many payments and take on too much debt while waiting for the world to return to normal.

Things will never be the same.

Don’t waste this Crisis.

This is a chance to reset. To Rebuild stronger than ever.

What does your business look like over the next three years?

The Wage Subsidy is a brilliant piece of legislation that gives you something Coronavirus has not – Time.

But you still have to move quick!

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    April 17, 2020