I ordered 5 pairs of socks today.

I ordered 5 pairs of socks today.

A 13-year old entrepreneur, though one of the networks I’m apart of, got his message in front of me.

When I see young entrepreneurs dig in and it is something I would legitimately buy, I’m IN.

Kudos Andrew MacKinnon, CFP CLU for supporting your son’s first endeavor but doing so like a banker – a loan with interest and helping him understand what’s it really like to get to cashflow positive!

Folks – Until the 23rd of December, I’m going to find a local business or a local not-for-profit, or a local charity to support in some way.

I do this in an ad-hoc manner every year, but this year, in particular, it feels important to be deliberate and public about it.

Deliberate because the region needs all the support it can get this year.

Public so that hopefully it encourages a few others to do the same.

Make the effort to find and support local. What you value is clear by where you spend your money and your time.

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    December 3, 2020