How Can We Build a Company to Support Your Best Life?

70% of companies are started by technicians. My grandfather was a roofer who started a roofing company.

Most technician-led companies fail.

And it kills me. They are great at the work. In fact, no one was better at solving complex roofing jobs than my grandfather.

But the stress of scale got to him.

It was scheduling, sales, and HR that ultimately led to my grandfather sizing down and running a very successful micro business.

In the process, he gave up the rights to Vinyl siding in Atlantic Canada (who would ever want to put plastic on a house? Answer: It turns out everyone).

He stopped taking on commercial jobs. He stopped providing opportunities to a lot of people (only needed so many employees).

What is your best life? How can we build a company to support that?

That’s what I get to help leaders unpack every day.

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    July 18, 2022