Have you even begun to consider the Butterfly Effect?

The three keys of Good Strategy: Patterns, Probabilities, and Predictions.

Have you even begun to consider the Butterfly Effect?

The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th order consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine?

It is a horrendous humanitarian crisis and an act of aggression that has led to the terrible loss of life and severe economic loss, unlike anything we’ve ever seen, around the world.

2nd Order – Oil prices will go up. Inflation will be pushed faster, supply chains further stressed.

3rd Order Consequences: What has that done to your cost of goods? What has that done to the wallets of your customers (or your customers, customers if you’re in B2B2C)?

4th Order Consequences: People are struggling in this “always on” world.

Each business will have more specific consequences they need to keep in mind.

It will affect you financial model

Your Customer Interactions,

Your Capabilities,

and Your People.

If you haven’t been gathered your leadership team to look at strategy, now is the time.

As always, if you can give a little to the ongoing crises in the Ukraine, please do so through the red cross where your donations will be matched.


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    March 9, 2022