Great people, working their ass off

There are so many great companies doing somewhere between 700k to 2.5m – and most of them are barely staying alive

And it kills me.

They do great work.

It has nothing to do with Quality – In many respect, they do it better than anyone in the market.

At that size, you become a logistics company. And winning is about profitability per week.

Not profitability per job.

What is your gross margin per week?

That means you need to be able to schedule the right mix of work every week to succeed.

That normally then means you need to pay attention to what the optimal mix of work is for your current organization.

When we map this out, most organizations are not even doing half of the potential revenue they could be.’


And the waste is all in who they sell too and how they schedule the work.

And it kills me because the same story plays out over and over again.

And when they go searching for the problem – they look at the people and the jobs. But the true problem isn’t there!

Great people, working their ass off, delivering a great product/service….

And they are falling behind every week because of a logistics challenge they can’t see.

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    Feb 19, 2022