Goldilocks' Porridge is the Answer to Skill Acquisition

Goldilocks’ porridge really is the answer when it comes to skill acquisition.

In order to grow we need to be challenged just outside our skill set.

In a study of runner’s they set a virtual racer that they told the participants was set at their personal best.

With one group they actually increased the runner by 2%. And everyone in the group kept pace and achieved their PB.

For another group, they set it at 5% faster than their PB. Everyone in that group became disallusionned and did worse than their previous best.

If you read anything on skill acquisition, it is the same story in different examples.

Too far inside your comfort zone you get bored.

Too far outside your comfort zone and the task feels insurmountable.

Just outside our current skillset, with the right support, we grow.

Are you setting your team up for success and growth?

Have you set yourself up for success and growth?

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    September 18, 2022