Embrace the Nudge

Too many loathe the reminder. Too many take it as a hit to the ego. Something they should have remembered…

I know that I need an environment that supports my flatsides. One of those is the final details. The contracts that need a second read. The NDAs that need signatures. The Calendar invites.

BMAP or B=M x A x P – Behaviour change happens when motivation meets ability meets the prompt. (Thanks for that modelĀ BJ Fogg, PhD)

What are your prompts?

Those prompts help you overcome decision fatigue.

I have surrounded myself with a team that helps me get all the details over the finish line on a weekly basis.

As a team, we’ve set up a calendar of meetings that help us review, reprioritize, and action the tactical.

Without them, I’d be lost. There would not be near enough stress on the items that I’m perfectly capable of doing but can’t seem to muster the intrinsic motivation to complete. There is a science to this – It’s called the Yerkes Dobson Curve.

Their attention to detail allows me to spend more time on the what energizes me.

We all have flatsides.

How are you shoring yours up?

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    April 20, 2022