Do You Know Your Family's Story

Do you know your family’s story?

There may be nothing more important for the mental wellness of your children.

Resilience, it turns out, is built on a foundation of knowing your family story. Of knowing that they have faced challenges and overcome them. Of knowing that they are built of the same stock. There is an amazing New York Times article that details the research here: https://lnkd.in/eibHjmCM

For the last three years, my brother and cousins (Mark Symes, Shane Bannister, Tracy, and Mitch) have prioritized some time away with our extended family (Evie Bannister, Sheila Cameron, Marie-Hélène Haché, Merv Symes, Emily Dugas, Candice Bannister).

This year was 5 days at the Pictou Lodge – 21 Adults and 15 kids under the age of 11. It was incredible.

We’ve always been a close family, but we wanted to find a way to curate and create lasting memories for the children.

I was deeply influenced in 2017, when I read Robert Glazer‘s 18 Summers blog (https://lnkd.in/eqGn5siu).

The blog was based on Tim Urban‘s very real work on the time you’ll actually spend with your family. Did you know that when a child graduates from High School you will have spent 50% of the total time you’ll spend with them in their lifetime?

Already 4 of them have passed with Ellington. We’re having our first summer with Audrey. I want them to grow up looking back on the memories of their childhood and know their family story.

We have a number of unstated values in our family but a few stand out:

1. Unconditional Love – we work through our problems.
2. Inclusivity – we had three families join us this year including a dear friend from Ireland (and his family).
3. Hard Work – Every one of the adults in our family models this.

Warren Rustand once said “No success in business makes up for a lack of success at home.”

And success in business and at home takes intention, commitment, and follow through.

Last week was amazing. 🙂

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    October 10, 2022