Do you have your eyes on the core?

1. The Client – Are they happy? How many of them are ideal? Are you selling the right mix of work?

2. The Finances – Are the jobs/products profitable? Are the weeks profitable? Hows cashflow? (Over the long haul how is the balanced sheet)

3. Marketing – Awareness, Consideration, Conversion – Are you getting in front of the right new eyeballs? Are they engaging with you? Are they inquiring?

4. Sales – Key Relationships, Conversions, Nurturing – Are you staying in contact with the right people at the right frequency? Are you converting enough projects/jobs? Are you nurturing your best clients to see if there is additional opportunity?

5. Scheduling – What do the next 2-4-8 weeks look like operationally? Do people know where they are going and what they are doing? Is it the right effort in the right places?

6. Doing the Job – Is the job getting done at the right quality, in the right amount of hours, and in a way that delights the client?

7. People – Are people developing and growing at a pace that excites both you and them?

8. Metrics – Can you see the numbers that matter easily?

9. Improvement Rate – As a team, are you making the organization 1% better every day?

10. Impact – Are you having the impact on the world that you set out to have?

Understanding the complex interplay of an organization requires you to connect the dots. Can you see what you need to see?

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