Branding is a Black Hole For Most of Us - Not Gair Maxwell

It’s your fault I couldn’t get to sleep last night Gair Maxwell.

Branding is a black hole for most of us. Not for you. You see clearly through the noise.

From Mona Lisa to the lineup outside of Apple on a new release, you challenged me yesterday on how to rethink brand.

Are you playing the long game?

Are you the Mona Lisa or one of the other 35,000 pieces of art in the never-ending building?

I couldn’t stop thinking about what our brand at Symplicity truly represents.

I know our Vision and our Values – They are solid. But I just can’t seem to get it described in 2-6 words.

What is our “Just Do It” – What is our neverending story?

In our world, nothing is impossible and pressure is a privilege. We go into the messes others stay away from. Never Satisfied, Always seeking what could be better. Curious and relentless. We do hard things.

How we translate that into our 2-6 words so that we can curate and create consistent content that has value for our audience. That’s the next step.

Thank you for challenging me yesterday.

It was my second time in your presence. Andrew Oland said it was his 8th session and he’s still learning. I can see why.

And what I love, in your book Little Big Legends, is that you translate how small and micro businesses can operationalize these lessons.

“Without the magic, it’s just marketing.” https://lnkd.in/eUDFDyK6

Thanks for an incredible session yesterday Gair.

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    August 16, 2022