Atlantic Canada’s top CEO

It was an honour to spend last night with those that are in the arena.

Brene Brown said “If you are going to get in the ring, the only guarantee is that you’re going to get your ass kicked.”

The speed of trust and the meaningfulness of conversation among a fraternity of entrepreneurs is inspiring.

The story of the year comes from Chief Terry Paul and the lead he took on acquiring Clearwater. Congratulations on being named Atlantic Canada’s top CEO.

Mitch Cobb’s incredibly brave decision to turn to a healthier life and launch Libra. I stopped drinking almost 5 years ago and I love that you’ve given those of us a chance to still be a part of the social scene. Truly deserving of the Innovator of the year award!

Alex MacLean, I’ve long admired your moxy. It was great to finally meet you. The way you nurtured an idea from an entrepreneurship class at Acadia to a regional brand. And the way you now mobilize that brand and audience in the service of good is inspiring. You make our region proud.

Kurtis Sisk, – you made the bold move not to follow the national amalgamation. The results speak for themselves.

Sascha Boulet, I admire your focus. Staying rural and delivering incredible service in healthcare in an underserved part of New Brunswick! Awesome!

Courtney Sherlock and Ross Simmonds – My Fellow EO Atlantic Canada members. Congrats! Ross thank you for modeling the create once, distribute forever method while leading an asynchronous team. Courtney thank you showing what’s possible – the growth you’ve managed while working with partners to shore up your leadership team.

Krista Han, CPA, CA, FEA – It makes my night when we get to have a few authentic moments. Your warmth and authenticity makes every interaction meaningful. Thank you for jumping into the photo last night – childhood friends at play in the business world.

Rosalyn Hyslop, you and Blair Hyslop continue to inspire with you navigate and lead our region’s breadbasket. I learn from every interaction.

Greg White, CPHR, you and Ross Argante play such an important role in staffing on the edges. All of our companies and many of our clients have relied on you. It is great to see you continue to grow!

The always affable Greg Hemmings – I missed your energy. You light up every room you enter.

Truly humbled to be among all of you at the Atlantic Business Magazine Top 50 CEO’s.

No one creates alone. And without the incredible teams throughout the community of companies, none of this happens. There is no way to do justice to the support I rely on day in and day out. Thank you Emily Dugas for walking beside me. Dad (Merv) – Everything I’m doing today is because of your guidance. Mark Symes – brother, business partner, and friend – thank you. WayneHeatherWilliamEvieMarie-Hélène Haché and Sheila Cameron thank you for being there last night and for your support as we all navigate this world.

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    May 13, 2022