As I sit here thinking about another shutdown...

As I sit here thinking about another shutdown…

And what it means for all of the business leaders out there.

This four-week jaunt is hitting at a time when the cries for support are falling on tired ears, the stimulus is nearing the end, and the banks are taking a harder line looking ahead to the post-pandemic era.

Here we go again.

And I have yet another challenge for you!

Small businesses need our help.

If you can – find a way to support that local business.

1. Buy a gift certificate.
2. Be patient with the inconvenience of their digital ordering systems
3. Buy it now – Cash is king in times like this.

If you’re in B2B and you can, BUY IT NOW.

For some it’s old hat – they are well versed in the dance. They have moved to their lockdown version. Please support them. Not as many are showing up as you might think.

There is another group though, that these lockdowns make survival less likely.

I spent the late afternoon and last night talking with some of those leaders. The initial adrenaline that fuelled them in the early days is exhausted.

I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel – we can see it. It is a race between Vaccines and Variants.

I know how I’m spending today: buying from the local providers I love and planning for marketing launches next week.

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    April 27, 2021