Are you looking out for people in your charge?

I know you’re tired. So is your team.

Are you looking out for people in your charge?

What do they need?

There are four burners in life. Community, Family/Friends, Professional, and Personal.

They can’t all be hot at the same time.

Over the last 16 months, individual care has trumped blanket policies.

The very concept of Work-life Balance is harmful. Balance suggests a trade-off.

The separation of work and life is fictitious at best, and downright harmful at worst.

Work-Life Harmony is much more accurate

There are seasons of life and moments where certain burners require more attention than others.

Some will want to double down on their professional life. Are you prepared to support them?

Some need time to anchor in new family routines.

Some are tackling major Community projects to make our region a brighter spot.

Some are tackling major personal challenges.

Do you know what your people need to be successful right now?

Fair does not mean equal.

Getting this right is downright difficult. But do we have any other choice? Is there anything more important right now?

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    Aug 20, 2021