My Sweet Devlish Two-Faced Piece of Chocolate

I love chocolate – No I mean really love chocolate. I have a sweet tooth that would make a pregnancy craving look like a minor hankering. It’s sweet, it brings back memories of Mom’s cookies after school and Grama’s peanut butter balls at Christmas (and well pretty much anytime I wanted them!).

But Chocolate has a horrifying side! Most of what you see at the checkout aisle and in front of the counter at the convenience store is harvested on the backs of child slaves.

Thousands of child slaves work in the cocoa fields across the developing world. In Africa, the Ivory Coast alone has more than 15,000 children working in ghastly conditions, most transported from poor villages across the continent and sold into slavery to work the fields.

Here is a Preview of Semisweet Life in Chocolate. It features 3 Continents, 4 Stories, and 1 Connection – Chocolate

You can watch the full documentary for free here

If you’re looking for documents that prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, slavery in the cocoa fields click here (A Taste of Slavery), or here (The CNN Freedom Project), or here (From the organization of Economic Co-Operation and Development), or well…you get it…

Another great documentary – The Dark side of Chocolate focuses on the nefarious methods of the big chocolate producers.

Exposing the intricate network of slave-chocolate is dangerous work.

Journalist Guy-André Kieffer got too close to exposing the corruption at the highest levels and his body has never been found – for more on the Canadian Journalist see: Kieffer was deep into the investigation of the Ivorian Government involvement in the Cocoa industry.

There is an easy answer: Fair Trade Chocolate


Medécasse is a wonderful brand that stands on the same principles as Oliberté. Founder Tim McCollum said it best – “Care authentically and good things will happen.”


Even better if you order with Oliberté’s discount code oliberte15 you’ll get yourself an additional 15% off on your guilt free delicious chocolate. I ordered mine!

Some of the big manufacturers are also making a move that way. Cadbury and Mars announced that by 2020 their entire chocolate bar lines would be fair trade. It has to be difficult moving a behemoth of a company like that.

Even if I wish they would move quicker, when I’m craving milk chocolate I try to pick up this one!


When we feed our insatiable sweet tooth with non-fair trade chocolate, we’re willfully ignoring the plight of those children. We’re telling the world your life is less of a concern than my immediate need for sugar. It’s one of my biggest weaknesses. Just last week I had a few Peanut Butter Cups. Given my youngest is deathly allergic to peanut butter it’s a treat to have when I’m away from her.

My urges will have to play second fiddle to this horrifying global atrocity. And it really isn’t that much more effort to make sure the Cocoa beans have been picked properly. The ethical options are in every major grocery store – it’s just a matter of looking for the Fair Trade symbol…

That’s my commitment – with my wallet I’m going to help the UN end Child Slavery by 2020


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